Respiratory Care Practitioner of the Year

The Illinois Society for Respiratory Care is searching for the Practitioner of the Year.
Nominate someone or yourself to become the Therapist of the Year.
Do you know someone who strives to make a difference is all aspects of their career?
Nominee must be a licensed practitioner and member of the AARC/ISRC.

The winner will receive a full registration to the ISRC Conference and Exposition and be recognized during the General Assembly.

Deadline is April 30th.

Enter address of nominee
Enter address of nominee
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On one page describe in detail the reason the nominee should be Therapist of the Year. Include in your details service excellence, sharing of knowledge, service to the community, committees in which they serve, compassion, quality of care, team sprit, leadership and their involvement in the promotion of the profession and the wellness for the patient's they serve.

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” Andrew Williams